Day One in San Francisco

What is going on everyone!! I am here in San Francisco to start a great adventure. I will be riding down the Pacific Coast Highway all the way down to San Diego. It will be around 677 miles to get there and I will plan on doing this in about 13 days. I have the next three days up here to explore San Francisco.IMG_2256

So let the adventure begin!!

I checked into Grand Hyatt and I must say Thank you so much, for giving me an awesome room!! They hooked me up with a fantastic executive suite to start out my trip.

IMG_2255Today I walked around Chinatown. There were so many people walking around going into all the little shops. Every now and again you will hear fireworks go off. I stopped in and, grabbed some lunch at a great little restaurant called Chinatown restaurant. I order a plate of sweet and sour chicken with a small bowl of white rice.

It was definitely what I needed. They give you a fortune cookie at the end on top of green tea ice cream. It was a great first day of my trip up here in SF.

I hope you, guys had a great day has well.