Day two in San Francisco

Wow, San Francisco!! Yet another great day up here in this beautiful city.

Today started out with building my bicycle.

LombardStreet_croppedOnce I finished that up I headed up to Lombard street. Oh, the man was it a blast going down that road. What is Lombard Street you ask? It’s a California Street that is famous for a steep, one-block section with eight hairpin turns. Riding a bicycle down this was so fun. I was having to lean back on my back wheel to keep from not falling over my handlebars.

IMG_2285After that, I headed down to Fisherman’s Wharf, What a great seaport area. They have tons of seafood restaurants. One of my good friends told me to eat at Scoma’s. It’s right on the pier overlooking the ocean.  At the time I was down there I wasn’t  hungry but I did have to stop and send him a picture of me right in front of it. Once you get to the shoreline you can see the golden gate bridge and also Alcatraz. These are two of the many San Francisco sites to see.
I continued to ride down the shoreline going through Fort Mason park. It was a beautiful day so there was a ton of people out running and riding around. IMG_2297When I was riding I saw a few people off their bicycles looking at the chain. I stopped to see if I could help them out. Once I got the chain fixed and the bicycle back up in working order they asked if we could get a picture together.

Once again San Francisco you made another person want to move here.


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