Day three in San Francisco

It’s my last full day up in San Francisco and what a day it was today.
Today I was joined up by my buddy Min who will be riding down to San Diego with me.We rode around the city today doing a little site seeing. The ride started out heading back down to Fishermans Wharf to ride along the shoreline. We headed back to the Golden Gate Bridge to ride across it. IMG_2311

This would be the first time I every rode over the bridge, Man I a smile from ear to ear.  If you plan on riding the bridge be sure that you are on the right side of it, do to that fact that they have a side for walking and a side for the bicycle.
After we rode over to see the house from the hit 90’s tv show “Full House” located atIMG_2320.JPG 1709 Broderick St. The house is painted a different color now than when it was on the show. When I saw the house it brought be right back to watch the Tanner  family every night at five.

A few blocks away from the Tanner household is the Painted ladies. These houses are exactly what I picture all of San Francisco homes to look like. They are homes all from the Victorian era that are very narrow and right next door to each other.

IMG_2327.JPGI wanted to head down again to the shoreline again to see the old Ferry building. That was the next stop on the tour of the city. When you ride up to this building from far you can start to see the old clock tower. They tower is 245 feet up into the air. When you are around there they have the old trolly cars going up and down the street has well. I really wonder what it was like back in its early days.  It must have been a site to see.

We both started to get hungry and Min’s brother wanted to see us before we left tomorrow so we headed back to the hotel to get ready to go out to dinner. We went to eat at New Woey Loy Goey Restaurant in Chinatown. I had some Tsingtao beer, Tea, and Steam chicken, Beef and snow peas. This was the first time I had steam chicken.  It was cold but a good with the Tsingtao  beer. We sat around talking and laugh about life. The best way to end my three days up here in San Francisco.

To that, I must say, San Fran, you have been a great city to see and ride my bicycle around. I will truly miss your people and city its self. Thank you for the great way to start my adventure!


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