Day one of the PCH tour

Hello, everyone, I hope your day has been great just like mine has.
Today was the first day of the tour down the PCH. Man, what a great ride, Before we even started to head out to the coast we had to get some fuel for our bodies. We headed back into Chinatown to have some breakfast.

Min order again for me seeing has I didn’t know what was going to be good. He ordered us some rice soup and noodle soup with duck. I ate some of each but I really did love the rice soup. We started to walk around to find some fruit to eat for the day. Min also wanted to get some baked goods to eat for lunch.

After that, we headed back to the hotel and pack to head out for the coast. We rode all the way down Geary Blvd until we hit the shoreline. Once we turned onto the PCH we stopped at the Cliff House for some photos.IMG_2348 This was the first time I had seen the coast up here in San Fransisco. Min wanted to stop at a grocery store to pick up some more drinks for the ride. I was outside with the bicycles and a homeless man sat down next to me. He asked me where we were going? I told him to San Diego. He said that is a great adventure you are taking on. He told me to be safe and that he will be thinking of us when we are riding. He also said life is short going explore the world with someone you care about.  I said thank you sir and we said goodbye headed back on the road.

The ride today was a lot of mountains I don’t really ride the in the mountains a lot back in Arizona so it was a little hard today. When we were riding today we saw a lot of different areas, It all started in a city and by the time we got to the campground, we saw farms, lighthouses, and harbors. Once we got out of the city the roads were a lot  better without having to stop and go at the traffic lights. After passing a bunch of farms we headed down to Pillar Point Harbor. It was a nice change after seeing all the farms on the coast. Around four o’clock we stopped at the top of a mountain for lunch. We both ate our china town bake goods.

IMG_2361.JPGLittle ways down the road we there was another farm that had a lighthouse next to it.We took a side trip to check it out and found out it was Pigeon Point Lighthouse. They had turned the out buildings into a hostel. Once the day I would like to stay there. The next stop was a nice little brewery called Highway 1 Brewing Company. IMG_2364.JPG When we pulled into where the bike rack was we saw two other bicycle tourist. We sat down and had a beer with them talking about the day we had so far. They had about 20 miles to go on their tour. We only had a few more miles to go until the campground.  Once we hit the campground I got my tent set up and it was time to eat again.IMG_2369 When we were eating and the Danish family next to us asked how many miles we have gone today. I told them around 60miles. He then sat at our table gave us one of his beers
and we talked into the night about when we were kids. It was a lot of laughing. After a 3800 elevation gain, it was a perfect way to end the night. Tomorrow is going to be a short day for us. Each day I’m learning A lot about what life is truly about. I hope you guys have a great day and talk to you tomorrow.


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