Day two of the PCH tour

Hello from the road again.
Today I rode around 32 miles today a nice easy ride, down to the city of Santa Cruz.  When were riding in we saw some northbound hikers, They told us the campground that they just passed by didn’t have any water. Luckily Min and I had some extra so we let them drink a bottle. We chatted only for a few minutes then we were off again. A couple miles up the road we started heading up another mountain We saw a farm side fruits. We picked out some blueberries to have for a nice snack.  Once we hit the Santa Cruz city line we pulled off Highway 1. We stopped in what we thought was a bicycle shop so Min could get a bell. It turned out to be where they build Santa Cruz Bikes. IMG_2378.JPGIt was a great little way to enter into the city. A few miles up they told us that there was a real bike shop that would have a bell for him so off we went.  We walked in Min headed for the bells and horns, The guy that was behind the counter looked at my bicycle and was like wow brooks panniers! He told me that he never anything like them before. We chatted to him like we were friends for a long time about bicycles and our adventure.

He asked us if we had eaten yet and if we like beer? Both Min and I eyes open wide because we didn’t eat yet that day. He told us just behind the bicycle shop was a brewery that is said was wicked good. He told us to try the fries has well. We both headed out on our bicycles to check out this brewery.IMG_2381 Beer and Fries you can’t go wrong with that.
We pulled up to West End we parked our bikes right next to the patio, Walked right in and it looked like an old aircraft hangar.

Once we sat down I order a Lager beer and it was amazing. For lunch, I got a salad to try to eat a little healthy.

We only had a few more miles until we got to our campground for the night. When we were heading up the road we saw a sign that said road closed up ahead. I looked at Min and asked him what he wanted to do. Due to the fact that this road was a nice mountain road up in the redwoods. We both agreed to just head up the road and see if we could just pass through with our bicycles.

Once we got to where they blocked it off so that no cars could fly by us it was so quite and peaceful. It was like it was just us too and the great outdoors. We got up to where they were working on the road and asked them with we could walk our bicycle though the man
IMG_2394.jpgsaid yes but to just be careful. The road looked like it was washed out from a storm. We said thank you and walked our bicycles passed. Tonight I am camping right under a giant redwood. This is the first time I have ever been in a redwood forest.

Man, it is great our site is right next to a little creek that is trickling down. I know I will  be getting a good night rest tonight


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