Day three of the PCH tour

Today started out a little cooler than yesterday. We started out by heading back down the great redwood mountain road we went up the other day. The guys let us pass again today has well. They asked us where we are going? We said San Diego, they wished us luck and we took off. We stopped into Trader Joe’s to pick up some fruit to eat for lunch. When Min was inside I was out by the bicycle and this older lady looked at my bicycle. She told me that I had a nice bicycle. I said to her thank you. We chatted about the day and where I was going. Then she went off on her way.  We stopped at one of the nicest little bus stops I had ever seen for a quick snack and to cool down after we just went up another mountain pass.IMG_2407 After I raced down the mountain has fast as my bicycle would let me. When we got to the bottom It was all farm fields for miles.IMG_2412.JPG I looked over and saw it was all strawberry fields. I stopped and told Min I need to have one. Before he knew it he was holding onto my bicycle and I was running up to grab us one each. It was the best strawberry I have ever had. Today we were in a lot of farm land. It was so great to see for miles on end. We even had to take some farm roads to get where we were going. I saw a lot of people picking all the strawberries off the plants. They would look up and wave to us has we rode by. We hit Moss Landing around lunch time so ate right on the beach today. IMG_2439.JPGIt was great seeing the boats coming in after fishing all morning and the sea lions following them. This was the first time of this trip that I got to put my feet in the ocean. Man did the water feel good. When we finished lunch a Belgium family saw us. We chatted about our trips and how everything was going for us.  Late that night we got to the Hyatt in Monterey. Once I got us all checked in I pulled out all of my clothes and started to clean them. I can’t wait to have clean clothes again this trip. Tomorrow we are doing around 67 miles. Who knows what the road will bring us tomorrow.


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