Day four of the PCH tour

Today was a nice day up in the mountains of Big Sur.IMG_2472.JPG It was a short ride today only 44.4 miles all in the mountains. Before we started to we stopped into a Safeway to pick up the food we needed for the day. IMG_2456.JPGI was heading up the road and saw this sign, I was just like Oh man.

Once I got up the mountains the views were amazing. All along big Sur
there wasn’t too many stops. When I did  find the Ripplewood resort. I grabbed some water for the rest of the day. There were some hippies that were sitting outside the store asking me where I was going? We chatted for a little while about what we have done. Another cycle tourist came over. He told me that he was only doing 40 miles a day.IMG_2477

We chatted about what we have seen and went our ways.  Tonight I will be staying at the
TreeBones Resort.
They have yurts that you can rent or tent sites that you can say at. When I checked in because I was riding my  bicycle  they gave me a free bottle of wine. My campsite overlooks the ocean and you can hear the seals on the shoreline.  It will be a very peaceful night under the stars in big Sur.IMG_2481.jpg


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