Day five of the PCH tour

Hello, everyone! Today was a short day, I only did around 32 miles most of it was all mountains right on the coast.  When I stopped at the top of a mountain I met James and Carol they live in Arizona. James is a writer and Carol is an artist. They were happy to take a photo with me and talk about my trip with me.IMG_2506.JPG

I can’t wait to check out their sites when I get back to Arizona
They wished me luck and we said our goodbyes. I started to head back up for some more mountains when I saw a few northbound tourist heading down we waved and they ding their bells has they passed me. It’s really nice to have people giving me thumbs up or waving when you are going up a hill and feeling like you can’t make it. That little push helps me out a lot. So to everyone that waves or gives a thumbs up I say thank you.  Along the coast, you see a lot of people writing who they love or what kind of trip they are on.

Once I down out back to a lower part of the coast. IMG_2513I saw Elephant seals laying on the beach. It was really neat seeing them all laying out in the sand.
Today my right knee has been hurting a little. I have a lot more riding to do.
Tonight I am staying in San Simons State park.IMG_2530.JPG They family next door invited me over to chat and for some wine. We talked around the fire about the stars and moon.

Just before I was going in my tent I saw a shooting star and wished on it like a little kid. 🙂


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