Day six of the PCH tour

Hello! What a day is was today. We started out eating breakfast with our new friends Edison and Luda. IMG_2527We packed up and rode 76 miles today. Min and I started out together heading down south. A triathlon cycles rode past us and Min was off for the race. I yelled to him the exit we had to turn off onto. Once I got to the exit Min wasn’t there. I called him but his phone was shut off. So I headed down the road alone though some of the smallest towns I have ever been in. Passing around farm fields and shoreline. It was great to see be alone and think about this journey. I headed into Morro Bay around twelve O’clock . IMG_2544.JPGThis was another small town that if you were to be driving and blinked you could just pass right by. I had a few more fields and hills to head up to until I would meet up with Min again in San Luis Obispo. We got back in the groove of riding together.
Tonight we are staying at an AirBnB in Guadalupe. IMG_2553.jpgAnne is a great storyteller. We all chatted about our adventures and where we have been. She drove us back into town to eat out. Guadalupe California is a very small town. It made me think of the Disney movie cars Most of the restaurants were closed. We found one little bar open. When we walked in they had a DJ setting up and they told us that they would be playing techno until seven in the morning. The bartender and I chatted with each other for a while. She asked me a lot about my trip and told me I was crazy.  It was a great night in this little town of Guadalupe.


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