Day nine of the PCH tour

IMG_2601Today I am heading to LA for the night it was a short 50-mile ride today. It was a nice ride today riding by a little park called Missile park. I headed on the road again to hit the Santa Monica Mountains area. It was really cool riding along the coast and watching the waves hit the rocks. I hit the Los Angeles  County line early in the morning and there was a little traffic on the road but not too much.
The beaches were amazing with people setting up volleyball nets to play on the sand. I also got to ride on a great bicycle path right on the beach for a long time.
Once I had to turn into the City of San Monica to get to La I was riding between the traffic of Cali.  Rushing around the cars that were sitting in traffic is very hard because people around you just want to get to where they want to go. I checked into the Hyatt west Hollywood dropped by bags and headed out to meet up with the Movember foundation. IMG_2616.jpgFinally, I got to meet Karen I have been talking back and forth in emails with her for weeks. On this trip, I raised $677 for them. Check them out at
She showed me around the office and then we chatted about our dreams. She then told me she had something for me and ran into the back to get my a Bicycle Jersey. She told me it was hers but she has been put on the injury list. My eyes opened wide I gave her a big thank you. I hope one day her husband and she can come out to Scottsdale Az to see me out there.


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