Last day of the PCH tour

Today is the last day of the trip. What a trip it has been, seeing the coast of California for days, Meeting new people and learning more about myself every day. My life was going in one direction when this trip was being planned out, now it’s done a complete 180. This trip has shown me my strengths and weakness both mentally and physically. To that, I am grateful that I was able to do this and meet the people that I have talked to. I say thank you to all of them for coming into my life even if it was just for a minute.

Today we started in Oceanside it was going to be an easy day just going 60 miles. Min told me that his trip was going to end in Del Mar, I was going until I hit the board of Mexico.IMG_2648 Once we hit Del Mar Min told me thank you for the ride and that he will see me tomorrow at the hotel we are both staying at. Once we split up I kept heading into all the cities on the coast. I got into the Hyatt Andaz San Diego around one o’clock. After checking in, I dropped all my gear and headed out to finish the trip up a day early. It was only 20 miles to the board of Mexico.IMG_2654.JPG I headed to the boardwalk to ride the ferry that takes you across to  Coronado Island. It was a quick ride across.

Riding around the island was great along the little bicycle path that they have. Once you hit border field state park the road becomes dirt. The US side was empty and the Mexico side you can hear the music and see a ton of people on the beach. I sat down on the beach took a deep breath it was over.

The journey has shown me that life is short to be mad or sad about things in your life, and the people that I have talked to told me that I have inspired them. To that, I say follow you dreams and don’t take anything for granted and you can do anything if you put your mind to it.IMG_2673.JPG


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