I guess my love of bicycles all started when I saw my first Tour de France. Seeing them ride around the entire country for days on end was nothing short of inspirational. I knew at that moment that I wanted to ride a bicycle in a race. I started with a Trek road bike and raced in all the tours I could find in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Tucson in Arizona. I began to realize that riding a bike was the absolute best part of my day. I wondered how I could get around Phoenix for work and local shops with only a bicycle. It was then I picked up a book, “How to Live Well without Owning a Car”. I read it cover to cover thinking, it doesn’t seem that bad. So I picked up a beach cruiser, 2012 Classic Steel 3-Speed. I loved riding that bicycle all over town. I started talking with a good friend who was getting a road bike and was planning to go up to some lakes for snorkeling. So I started looking back at a road bicycle, a Trek 1.1. I started to dress it up and added clip in pedals, water bottle cages, and a nice little rack to put some things in. I rode that bike for thousands and thousands of miles. Then in 2015, I rode my Trek 520 from San Francisco to the Mexican border.

Let the adventure begin.





  1. Hi Steve. This is Sean and Denise. We met you while we were riding our motorcycles on the Redwood Hwy just south of Crescent City California. We would like to share the picture we took with you at that point in your trek. Let me know if you have a particular email address in which we could send you the picture taken. Hope you had a great ride down to San Francisco.


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